måndag 24 september 2012

I had an idea

I had an idea. It was a brilliant one, but I've lost it. I wanted to tell my twin about it, but how do you tell an idea that's lost?
Where do all the ideas go if they're lost? The land of lost ideas. Now there's an idea. The land of lost ideas is an idea I just came up with it. It's not brilliant, but at least it is an idea. So if the land of lost ideas does exist, where does the brilliant ones go? Surely there can't be A brilliant place for lost ideas? Or the ideas are brilliant themselves. Or themselves are brilliant for even having ideas. But then the idea they originated with isn't brilliant because then you have too many of the ideas to cope with. Or having many ideas is brilliant. Maybe being brilliant is the best idea you could ever figure out. Creating the figure is an idea.
I once wanted to begin with figure-skating. That was a bad idea.

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