tisdag 7 maj 2013


I saw an airplane today. It felt so close, but yet is was so far away.
I was laying in my hammock soking in the sun. The summer is here. It feels strange having 20 degree and sun in May. That's not the Sweden I know. I guess it is summer when you're changing to shorts. At least I have.

As I was laying my hammock I heard the distinct sound. Then I saw the airplane. I've never seen an airplane so detailed in the sky before. It was so close, and yet so far.
I followed it with my gaze and saw it disappear within the clouds that clustered behind me. I wonder where it was heading. Maybe it was heading towards Malmö, or perhaps Copenhagen. Landing to release its passengers only to receive new ones.

I felt small watching it fly across the sky. I've thought about size before. I know there are about seven billion humans walking this earth at this very second. But still it never really strucked me. Even though I was relaxing in my hammock there are people sleeping, eating, working, going places. Movements occurring each second.
I feel small.

All of this from a single airplane.

måndag 22 april 2013

Lesson nr 1

Today's lesson: Never stress.

I realized I was a few days late for an assignment that was due last Monday. These were assignment that has to do with my internship (that started a week ago). Anyway, I e-mailed away the three documents on Wednesday, realized a second time on Friday that there was another teacher I was supposed to sent the Project Plan to. On Saturday I e-mailed it with a big apology for being late and that I didn't realize (yada yada). All fine and good? No.
Yesterday I got an answer from my second teacher that it didn't seemed that I've read her comments of what I should improve (which I actually had and also re-did the plan). I went home today, checked my e-mail and soon discovered I sended BOTH of my teacher the wrong version of my project plan. Quickly re-do my e-mails and send a BIG apology to both of my teachers that in all haste I e-mailed the wrong version.

What I learned from this? Never stress.
When you're sending in an assignment; First of all check that you're sending the right version. Second, It would be rather nice if it was in on time as well. Third, learn how to control your heart rate (Mine was beating quite fast).

They say you learn from your mistakes. I hope to never repeat mine.

torsdag 7 mars 2013

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I've learned a lesson today; Two people can be really different on the inside when it comes to planning things.

I'm planning a thing with a person I hardly know and it's frustrating. I thought we would get along, but instead I realized we're even more different than I thought.
We're both stubborn and don't want to go in the same direction.

How did you solve when you met someone you didn't get along with? Did you come to an angreement or did you let go to follow the flow?

I don't know if I can follow the flow.
This is something that I really want. How much can I give up to let the dream come true?