tisdag 7 maj 2013


I saw an airplane today. It felt so close, but yet is was so far away.
I was laying in my hammock soking in the sun. The summer is here. It feels strange having 20 degree and sun in May. That's not the Sweden I know. I guess it is summer when you're changing to shorts. At least I have.

As I was laying my hammock I heard the distinct sound. Then I saw the airplane. I've never seen an airplane so detailed in the sky before. It was so close, and yet so far.
I followed it with my gaze and saw it disappear within the clouds that clustered behind me. I wonder where it was heading. Maybe it was heading towards Malmö, or perhaps Copenhagen. Landing to release its passengers only to receive new ones.

I felt small watching it fly across the sky. I've thought about size before. I know there are about seven billion humans walking this earth at this very second. But still it never really strucked me. Even though I was relaxing in my hammock there are people sleeping, eating, working, going places. Movements occurring each second.
I feel small.

All of this from a single airplane.

måndag 22 april 2013

Lesson nr 1

Today's lesson: Never stress.

I realized I was a few days late for an assignment that was due last Monday. These were assignment that has to do with my internship (that started a week ago). Anyway, I e-mailed away the three documents on Wednesday, realized a second time on Friday that there was another teacher I was supposed to sent the Project Plan to. On Saturday I e-mailed it with a big apology for being late and that I didn't realize (yada yada). All fine and good? No.
Yesterday I got an answer from my second teacher that it didn't seemed that I've read her comments of what I should improve (which I actually had and also re-did the plan). I went home today, checked my e-mail and soon discovered I sended BOTH of my teacher the wrong version of my project plan. Quickly re-do my e-mails and send a BIG apology to both of my teachers that in all haste I e-mailed the wrong version.

What I learned from this? Never stress.
When you're sending in an assignment; First of all check that you're sending the right version. Second, It would be rather nice if it was in on time as well. Third, learn how to control your heart rate (Mine was beating quite fast).

They say you learn from your mistakes. I hope to never repeat mine.

torsdag 7 mars 2013

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I've learned a lesson today; Two people can be really different on the inside when it comes to planning things.

I'm planning a thing with a person I hardly know and it's frustrating. I thought we would get along, but instead I realized we're even more different than I thought.
We're both stubborn and don't want to go in the same direction.

How did you solve when you met someone you didn't get along with? Did you come to an angreement or did you let go to follow the flow?

I don't know if I can follow the flow.
This is something that I really want. How much can I give up to let the dream come true?

tisdag 18 december 2012


Recently I've been watching a lot of the movies made for Hallmark, Lifetime, etc. I don't know why, maybe because I couldn't find anyting better to do with my time.
The thing is, I came across a film series by the author Janette Oke. Much of her books are centered on families and love. The thing that bothered me the most is that there is so many sequels. And that got me thinking why I'm not a fan of sequels.

This might sound a bit strange, since one of my favorite books are the Harry Potter-series. The thing with those particurlarly is that it more feels of one gigantic book instead of seven. The story stretches over so many pages you soon don't know where one ends and the other starts.

Back to topic; Sequels.
Sequels are good, in a way. But when you write a sequel to a book that wasn't planned to have one it all feels strange. If a book have ended just fine, and it is in fact a happy ending, why destroy with sequels? A sequel should be planned and intended. Maybe my thoughts drifts to this because I don't want to know what happens next. A book is an intention to tell a specific part of the characters lives. If you write a series it should be one gigantic part of their lives that ties the beginning and ending together in a logical way.

The thing that got me thinking of this was that I re-read the storyline of one of Oke's series, Love-series. I began watching one of the movies and thought: 'Hey, this was a sweet couple.'
Then I was stupid to read the synopsis of its sequels where it's explained that the lovely husband (hot as fire) is going to die. That completely destroyed me. This is why I don't like sequels. I hate the feeling of ripping characters apart. I want the happy ending or something close to it. I don't want to know what will happen next because that's the best part. Us, as readers or viewers, gets to imagine what their next chapter will be. I disslike sequels because the author never tell it the way I pictured it. I never get fully satisfied.

Or maybe it is time for me to find my own sequel instead of bugging others.

lördag 24 november 2012

The Sims 3 - Marathon

My friend can sometimes come up with the most awesomeness ideas. On Wednesday, half past ten in the evening, I was laying in my bed doing... something. Suddenly, my dear twin asks me if we could have a sims-marathon. I love Sims and thought "Why the bloody hell haven't I thought of that?"

On Friday Night I arrived at her house with sugar to eat (not literally, but you know - snacks.), my computer and comfy pants.
We had our goal to finish at least 12 hours straight, during the night (She'd actually suggested 24, but I think I coughed up a lung to make her re-think).

7 pm we were set and began playing. I encountered my first mummy and screamed, I got my first decent rumour saying I was manipulating. It was a fun night.
At 3.59 am my game's first crash came along with the first dip of tiredness.
7.02, twelve hours after we began, my friend gave up and crashed on the couch.
8.39, I gave up. My back was hurting, my stomach was ill and I couldn't think straight. I've sept for three hours after that and still doesn't feel good.

Thirteen hours, on my part, may not seem like a marathon, but this was our first try; It was during night and I can say I've never played Sims this long in one row.
We both agreed to never do this again, but of course this doesn't stop me from playing Sims a bit more now.
Mission Accomplished!

lördag 27 oktober 2012

The fish says...?

Sometimes the inevitable comes and you have deal with it. No excuses can be made, you pull up your sleeves and dig your way through the problem. My problem tonight is boredom. I'm home alone with nothing to do. Well, that's a lie; there's plenty of things to do around here, but none I find tempting enough to even consider.
I actually looked forward to these few hours to be completely alone. Everytime the opportunity arrives my mind fills up with ideas, but when the moment comes I don't want to do either. How do you motivate yourself?
I could study, or even write on Heroes (I've got big plans, but don't want to write. So, sue me). I watched two episodes of the Simpsons earlier and soon realised I've seen one of them already. That made me sad, but I saw it either way.

I know I'm only writing nothing of interest, but it was either this or talk to myself out loud while I wandered in circles. Not even my twin (friend, not biologic) does her job. I'll probably end up in front of the mirror trying out sexy poses. Or scream really loud into my none-functional microphone while I listen to some idiotic song, like Gangnam Style (I know the dance!).

torsdag 18 oktober 2012


My dear Josefine,
This have reached a limit even I can't withstand. Sometimes a friend needs to take action and help another friend. Because sometimes you become an addict and I hate to see you spend so much time doing this. You're worth so much more than this treatment you're doing. You might feel tempted in a few days, but after a few weeks you'll see my point I'm only doing this to help you. Please? Would you let me?
Every now and then we found something we can't stay away from. I have sometimes an addict playing the sims 3, but I've cured that. You know how? By playing less. You can do this if you would just let yourself. Let yourself be cured from this awful habit of yours and live a better life. You're not an addict, you are better than this.
I'm only going to say this once;
Stop watching that god awful show The Mentalist!!
Or maybe a little more less, but for godness sake not five times a day?
God... Simon Baker isn't that good of an actor either.