torsdag 18 oktober 2012


My dear Josefine,
This have reached a limit even I can't withstand. Sometimes a friend needs to take action and help another friend. Because sometimes you become an addict and I hate to see you spend so much time doing this. You're worth so much more than this treatment you're doing. You might feel tempted in a few days, but after a few weeks you'll see my point I'm only doing this to help you. Please? Would you let me?
Every now and then we found something we can't stay away from. I have sometimes an addict playing the sims 3, but I've cured that. You know how? By playing less. You can do this if you would just let yourself. Let yourself be cured from this awful habit of yours and live a better life. You're not an addict, you are better than this.
I'm only going to say this once;
Stop watching that god awful show The Mentalist!!
Or maybe a little more less, but for godness sake not five times a day?
God... Simon Baker isn't that good of an actor either.

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