lördag 24 november 2012

The Sims 3 - Marathon

My friend can sometimes come up with the most awesomeness ideas. On Wednesday, half past ten in the evening, I was laying in my bed doing... something. Suddenly, my dear twin asks me if we could have a sims-marathon. I love Sims and thought "Why the bloody hell haven't I thought of that?"

On Friday Night I arrived at her house with sugar to eat (not literally, but you know - snacks.), my computer and comfy pants.
We had our goal to finish at least 12 hours straight, during the night (She'd actually suggested 24, but I think I coughed up a lung to make her re-think).

7 pm we were set and began playing. I encountered my first mummy and screamed, I got my first decent rumour saying I was manipulating. It was a fun night.
At 3.59 am my game's first crash came along with the first dip of tiredness.
7.02, twelve hours after we began, my friend gave up and crashed on the couch.
8.39, I gave up. My back was hurting, my stomach was ill and I couldn't think straight. I've sept for three hours after that and still doesn't feel good.

Thirteen hours, on my part, may not seem like a marathon, but this was our first try; It was during night and I can say I've never played Sims this long in one row.
We both agreed to never do this again, but of course this doesn't stop me from playing Sims a bit more now.
Mission Accomplished!

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