tisdag 7 maj 2013


I saw an airplane today. It felt so close, but yet is was so far away.
I was laying in my hammock soking in the sun. The summer is here. It feels strange having 20 degree and sun in May. That's not the Sweden I know. I guess it is summer when you're changing to shorts. At least I have.

As I was laying my hammock I heard the distinct sound. Then I saw the airplane. I've never seen an airplane so detailed in the sky before. It was so close, and yet so far.
I followed it with my gaze and saw it disappear within the clouds that clustered behind me. I wonder where it was heading. Maybe it was heading towards Malmö, or perhaps Copenhagen. Landing to release its passengers only to receive new ones.

I felt small watching it fly across the sky. I've thought about size before. I know there are about seven billion humans walking this earth at this very second. But still it never really strucked me. Even though I was relaxing in my hammock there are people sleeping, eating, working, going places. Movements occurring each second.
I feel small.

All of this from a single airplane.

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