lördag 5 maj 2012

In english, please!

Please read my novel/book
I want your input views on it :)

Anyway, this post is mostly going to be written in english. Why? I have no clue. Might be fun.

I've been having ideas about vlogging, but I'm never going anywhere with it. And now my mic is broken. Sometimes it records and sometimes don't. Quite annoying, but what your going to do about it? Maybe buy a new one...

Summer is coming near and the speed in school is going very fast. Essays are due and my praxis is soon ending. I'm stressed, okay.

This was boring. Why don't I have anything to talk about. Oh, I know. I will talk about pancakes.
Pancakes are one of my favourite food. It's round, flat, smells good. I can't cook it. It burns everytime and don't come out in a perfect circle. Thank god for moms!

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If you click on those buttoms below, I will think it's very funny and laugh :D
PS. I didn't even know you could have these...

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