söndag 13 maj 2012

Pump the cardio

My friend Annika slept over and I dragged her out to jog. I'm very eager to exercise and for the first I actually managed to run 2,6 km without stopping (That's a big step for me, since I started to train about a month ago) My dad asked if I were up to run a mile in august, but I probably won't do it. I've just started to jog and now I'm only enjoying it. It feels really good to know the muscles are working their hardest and the ache after is my reward.
Before, everytime I ate sweets, I got low self-esteem and worried I would get fat each time. But that is over! I feel great and I'm actually looking forward to the next time I'm doing my exercise.
Neus is at the top of the world!

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